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A Message from Sandy

From a very young age, watching family, friends, and strangers eat great-tasting homemade food brought such smiles, laughter, and conversations around the table.  Homemade food encouraged love and kindness towards one another because it generated joy within the person eating it.  Even more, sweet treats relax the mind to bring about good thoughts.  I soon discovered that if we baked cookies or cakes, or cooked a homemade meal, some level of happiness would abound regardless if it wasn’t the best of days.


Therefore, I developed a passion for cooking and baking and trying out recipes to see if I could not only make it taste good but if I could make it taste better in order to bring joy to another!  By the time I was 12 years old, I was able to cook a full course dinner and bake sweet treats nightly.  It was nothing to make a cake from scratch or to quickly make great tasting cookies. My mother and father encouraged it and made the sacrifice of hard-earned money to buy specialty and not so commonly used ingredients to allow me to test and create recipes.


As a Registered Nurse, I saw first-hand how patients often ate poorly due to “processed” foods.  However, when homemade food was brought to them, they not only ate more, but seemed happier to have something homemade from family or friends, and more engaged!


Homemade food from scratch has always been best, along with quality ingredients. The memories from eating it last a lifetime and add love from one heart to another.


If we can add love and good memories to your day, then you have just reciprocated joy to us!




Sandy, Founder


Adding Love and Good Memories to Your Day

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